IPL-Immense Possiblities Lay ahead

I remember when I first saw the announcement of IPL in the Hindu newspaper,I inspite of being an hopeless cricket connoisseur and a fan who was bordering on fanatic was attracted to Barclays English premier league and its concept of city based teams fighting to become the best in the country and it was also the boiling pot of talent. I secretly nurtured the wish of a similar concept coming to Indian cricket and Indian cities.
Lalit Modi did exactly this,though ICL came 1-2 years earlier it neither had the marketing nor was it a finished product that could take off,Modi took note of this and came up with a brilliantly packaged product which resonated across the class of Indian society be it school-kids,housewives, rich businessmen,celebrity worshipers,unused cricketers in academy,media persons, it was a no mean job, every one wanted to be a part of it and live it.
Me being a true blue Bengalurean was buzzing with happiness and excitement when Vijay Mallya bought the Bangalore franchise and  along with it slew of other-wordly cricketers like Kallis,Steyn,Kumble,Boucher,Nathan bracken,White,Misbah who were led by the Wall Dravid in the auction. Me and my friends used these line-ups for our handcricket,book cricket,leg cricket and other permutations of cricket matches.

The fervour and passion ran high for first 3 seasons.

IPL was always heavily scrutinised due to its groundbreaking success by all quarters, controversies started creeping in and Lalit Modi just had to go, there was too much at stake and too large a pack of hounds chasing. I don’t support Modi in any way but one shouldn’t forget his vision towards making the IPL what it is.IPL has lost much of its sheen and fanfare these days and in my opinion these are the reasons

  1. Corruption- The point that no one understands, when you a goose that is laying golden eggs why be greedy and try to kill it? There were owners placing bets, like S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y? leave that to college students please and put on a show which has integrity and transparency.
    The situation has considerably improved after supreme court and Justice Mudgal pulled up BCCI and there has been no major controversy since past 2 seasons.Let’s not give voice to naysayers of IPL to harp on “Arrey, every match is fixed” it’s such an insensitive thing to say to the team which has worked hard and won the tournament.
  2.  The disillusioned identity – As a banglorean it was blasphemous to see Dravid play for RR and Kumble mentoring MI,This disenchantment among the fans should be avoided.The other successful leagues a player through his performances becomes one among the  city and through his loyalty rises to a cult status in the city,this loyalty isn’t valued and respected much in franchisee based system. Ross taylor,Ganguly were the prime examples but they were cut off from the team without much attachments.
    In the long run it’ll  only leave a set of fans who are detached and lack the passion.
  3. Cut with the same cloth – the primary reason why there is a home,away format is that the home ground is supposed to be a fortress,wherein conditions support the home team’s strengths and difficult for opposition to breach but the strange point of references set for curators by BCCI literally ensures the pitches are cut with same cloth i.e. Short boundaries,fast outfield,flat track with good bounce for batsmen to humiliate even the world-class bowlers. In the name of more runs and crowd appeasing takes away the diversity which is crucial for a cricket game,else the game of chance that is toss would affect the whole match.
  4.  Lots and lots of background noise – Admit it since Modi left, the class around IPL left as well. These days it is just cacophony of absurd and preposterous declarations by Siddhu in extra innings and micheal owenish type deductions of Rameez raja in the commentary box.
    sample these – The ball went so high that it bought air hostess with it,
    “Agar meri Chachi ko mooch hoti to mein unhe Chacha kehta”
    (If my aunt had a moustache, I’d call her uncle.) – Sidhu when optimistic Rameez Raja hoped Ishant would ball a no ballThe theme song of extra innings looks like it has been composed by 7th std musician who was rejected to perform on his annual day, and there is look at my outfits and makeups more than my anchoring skills anchors.
    There is just a lot of cacophony surrounding IPL and senseless firing of Harsha Bhogle further exacerbates this issue. Maybe we can take a leaf out of BBL’s format which appeals masses without being on your face.
  5. Sponsorship Overdose – Ever seen Poppins advertisement? That’s what team jerseys look like not to mention the image of lots of movie posters plastered over a single wall. The septuagenarian who used to watch cricketers in classic white would cry out loud for coloured dress, but after seeing this he would want a triple heart attack with a bout of blindness.
    but sadly the buck doesn’t stop there, it is visible in score tickers,the billboards, the TV screen space and even the commentary isn’t spared “That’s a yes bank maximum”
    Lets just call it a six, please. 

    IPL is a great product which has the potential to stand up to the likes of Superbowl,NBA,EPL it just needs vision and an open mind.













Modric and his twinkletoes

Imagine you are zooming down the highway in your Chrysler 300,raving about its speed,acceleration and controls but very rarely paying attention to the furious work that is done by engine under the hood to keep the things intact.
Welcome to the world of Luka Modric,the magician of Bernabeu,the oil between the piston of attack and defence.
He was a much loved man at White hart lane,carrying the team throughout the season epitomising Sarojini Naidu’s poem Palanquin bearers “Lightly, O lightly we bear her along”. He won Tottenham player of the season for the season 2011-12 and prompted coach Harry redknap to say , “He is unbelievable. Magnificent. He’s an amazing footballer, the little man takes the ball in the tightest areas with people around him, wriggling out of situations. He could play in any team in the world”.

Perez promptly came calling and siphoned him off for  £30 million for a five year contract. It was initially tough for Modric to break into the Midfield consisting of Sami Khedira, Xabi Alonso and Mesut ozil and he did disappoint initially which prompted Marca to vote him the worst signing of 2012 summer but as the cliched saying goes, Form is temporary but class is permanent.
Modric turned it around so much so that Mourinho showered him with rich accolades saying “You are not bad for the worst signing of the season” in a press conference.

The thing about Modric is he is remarkably calm in uncomfortable situations, the opposition mid-fielder usually hulk of a person moves with ferocity when he sees Modric with the ball almost certain that he’ll hack him down and,take the ball and set a precedent for others that not to mess with his team but the twinkletoes of magician sagely anticipates all this gently moves in a step that completely beats the mid-fielder leaving him embarrassed  and reconsidering his life. He did mention it oncemodric
“Maybe I look like a lightweight but I am a really strong person mentally and physically and I never had any such problems in my life”.

Modric: Talent,skills and intelligence

His other qualities which has made him the darling of RM faithful include reading play intelligently,recovering key balls,securing the ball and feeding the ball to front three,high press and probing between the lines with relentless tenacity.Remember he did take that corner at 92:48 which kept Madrid’s holy grail “La Decima” dream alive.
Move over to this season he has blossomed more under the fatherly eye of Zinedine zidane,he plays tad deeper and tighter to Kroos, starts the attack and plays the final ball more often. He has also assumed more of a leadership role with his calm conduction,no rash approach and unexpected change of pace which dictates play.


On song Modric to quote a source has passing touch of Pirlo,direct running of Yaya,vision of Fabregas and those umphh inducing shoulder drops of Ozil.

You’d want to build your team around Modric, He is an education.


Far Far away in the mythical land of IT ,clouds dazzled bright blue, river flowed serenely and sun shined away in all its glory.
Basking in it were group of two blossoming flowers bunches namely admanty and  Flexy , So the thing is Admanty was known to be sort of old-school where as flexi liked to explore the other side of river do the things which would be called unorthodox.
Spring was upon the mythical land, Gentle breeze caressed  and kissed the land.

Adamanty gave a holler to Flexy – ” Hey flexy, what you doing mate? why have you covered your pollens? It’s the season of pollination. ”

Flexy – Winds are practically inefficient and unfeasible sir, they just send my pollens helter-Skelter without achieving much.

Adamanty –  You want to go against conventional knowledge and methods now? Jeez what’s up with this generation anyway?

Flexy – We call it innovation sir!

Adamanty – innovation Innovation! I have heard those words far many times. What does it achieve anyway? Your pollens will wither away soon if you don’t pay heed to time. And soon there would no longer be flexy for me to irritate.

Flexy – Call it what you might sir, but I have my ways and you have yours. 🙂

The winds of change continued to blow over the land,Sometimes a gust sometimes a gale but almost all the time in haphazard manner, the sacred pollens of Adamanty fell everywhere except on Adamanty making him anxious and worried by each wave of wind, The loss of pollens continued unabated, finally the mighty wind stopped blowing.

On the other hand Flexy who had shut himself out to the vagaries of wind slowly opened up,The calm after storm ensued. The bees started coming out in small groups at first , they roamed around in search for their heaven, soon they hit upon flexy blooming in all it’s glory and settled on them.
They jumped around flower to flower in excitement, in the process taking pollen grains along with them precisely to their destination.

Adamanty again gave a holler – Oi Flexy, what you got there?

Flexy – It’s called cross-pollination by bees wherein a core group with required expertise efficiently move pollens across resulting in less wastage giving better results.

Adamanty – that looks fancy! 😦

*Adamanty  realises his mistake of sticking to his guns and not exploring new avenues*

Adamanty – Think I could have few of your bees with expertise?

Flexy – Sure sir, why not?

Thus the highly-specialised bees pick up last few pollens from Adamanty and place it with care.

*Winds of change blow again*
After few months the valley is abundant with Flexy and Adamanty happily swaying along to the tunes of chirping birds and serene river. 🙂

Why What and When


the first glance you make at these image, the first vibes you get,they are so pure. evokes a such a deep inexplicable joy in you. The same joy of human spirit, the reason why human race is still surviving though it has been ravaged by wars,greed,avarice,hate and spite etc.

This is the same I feel every single time when I see you.

So coming straight to questions
Q] Do I love you?
Yes. Truly, Madly and deeply.

Q] How and why?
Difficult. But, strange thing is there’s no clear cut definition for it everything merges and blurs along a broad boundary kind of similar to asking where does the sea begin exactly.
I realised it was love when the following things were clear

1- More than anything time is the biggest enemy in this world, If the Universe was born 14 billion years ago, as many evolutionists,  man did not “come along” until about 13.996 billion years later. If such time were represented by one 24-hour day, and the alleged Big Bang occurred at 12:00 a.m., then man did not arrive on the scene until 11:59:58 p.m. Man’s allotted time during one 24-hour day would represent a measly two seconds.
People fade away,it’s a painful thing to watch. Imagine everytime a person dies a library of thoughts his perspectives die with him.Then he remains in the memories of his relatives,then after a generation later it’s all over. we’ll just be a pebble on this earth.
I would never want that to happen to you , to your wonderful perspectives, It’s a fight against time sometimes. But yeah I promise,whatever best chapters come and go  i’ll never allow the pages of your book to end. 🙂

2-When seeing you,or just being around your presence tries to bring out the best in me,the sense of childhood deeply embedded in me. Yeah I noticed that others notice I blush around a lot when I’m around you, sometimes it is impossible to not keep smiling.It is impossible for me to not feel that affection and love. 😐

3- It’s like a unsolved maths problem, you know everyone has been doing it the wierd way, you just know you can do it better. Very Very difficult to explain this feeling. Something shouts in you that go do this, tell this. It’s about creating the memories in whatever time.

Q] Do I expect anything from it?
Absolutely nothing. Nil, Nada and zilch. True love I believe is independent of all this,
the only thing in my control is to create the best memories, tell the best things and be my best, there is approximately 60 years more to go.
to quote my favorite book

“Love is reverence, and worship, and glory, and the upward glance. Not a bandage for dirty sores. But they don’t know it. Those who speak of love most promiscuously are the ones who’ve never felt it. They make some sort of feeble stew out of sympathy, compassion, contempt and general indifference, and they call it love. Once you’ve felt what it means to love as you and I know it – total passion for the total height – you’re incapable of anything less”.

You are incapable of anything less.I’m physically incapable of feeling anger,hate or anything else.
Though a benne khali dose would be really appreciated. :p

Q] Why only you?
Pretty much straightforward answer at-least for me, but The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see. Trust me I have seen some amazingly talented girls during my time at both BMS and school, but you operate in a different frequency altogether. It is so refreshing. So heartwarming. You have a heart of gold. 🙂
you have two parts, the silent part and the active part.the active part is a joy to watch.spontaneous and spirited.
Now silent part is the most difficult to understand, I swear it is tougher than any other I have ever encountered in my life! Even to unravel a little bit it takes tremendous amount of time and effort,but it is your most stunning part It is what makes you, it elevates you. . There is just too much to learn from you and too little time. 😦
The thing which fills you up from within and makes me love you like a mother loves her baby,like a star loves the black sky,like a puppy loves its master returning home after a long day, like the chaos loves unpredictability,like the blind man seeing the sunrise for the first time,like the warm safe feeling in mother’s lap, till the moon and all the way back,each and every small thing that you do.

Do you know this is the first time I have said these words to anyone in my life!
It’s truly a great honor that you are my first love in life, The thing that i’ll always cherish and live upto no matter what! 🙂

And the other thing i’m happy about is these all are my original thoughts, I haven’t taken any help from anyone else.That’s why maybe it was frustrating some many times, there was no one to talk to when things went bad.

Q] Any complaints?
Yeah, you just do not believe enough in yourself. You have a vast potential and the attitude  to match it. You are much much better,.
But again it is a clash of ideologies,expectations are not always bad. The thing that hurts you the most is when those expectations fail to manifest. Hope and dream freely.
And yeah communicate more. :p

Q] Way forward?
It’s going to be exciting to work with you and create a difference to this world. To build and innovate exciting things.To tell you and give you things that will have a positive impact and basically Making everyday a dream that can be touched. 🙂
Other than that I really do not expect anything. 🙂
“Throughout the centuries there were men who took first steps down new roads armed with nothing but their own vision. Their goals differed, but they all had this in common: that the step was first, the road new, the vision unborrowed, and the response they received — hatred. The great creators — the thinkers, the artists, the scientists, the inventors — stood alone against the men of their time. Every great new thought was opposed. Every great new invention was denounced. The first motor was considered foolish. The airplane was considered impossible. The power loom was considered vicious. Anesthesia was considered sinful. But the men of unborrowed vision went ahead. They fought, they suffered and they paid. But they won”.
I chose you for exactly the same reason. You are original.
It’s so exciting to be a part of this,there is so much magic to create,so many fruitful things to create.
Creation and original thoughts

Please don’t be sad or a long time ever.
And other than pure unadulterated love I have felt nothing else, Don’t judge me by the same parameters as others. I’m also sometimes angry at you assuming things about me which are not true at all.
I really don’t love you in anyway else.

yours sincerely,
My name is not Prasad :p
aww tuzo mogh korta. 🙂




June 10th,2015. A group of people going by the name of West-Block blues were working feverishly inside a godown like structure since 5-6 hours.They finished around midnight  but their alacrity was infectious and each of them, meticulous and scrupulous in his approach, was committed to make this the best in India.

the following day at India vs Oman match they unveiled this beast in the presence of fervid crowd.

Bangalore like Mumbai and Kolkata has a deeply rooted sporting culture which is supplemented by a passionate crowd.Bangalore based sporting teams generally fare very well, be it RCB or Bengaluru Bulls or all conquering BFC and Karnataka Ranji team.
int_wps_1920_wormIndia - Bangalore fans
It is the fans who make or break a sport,Bangalore is blessed in this regard. Footballing fan-base in Bangalore can be mainly divided into three categories: Student fan base,Corporate guys, and old football connoisseurs. The demographic is more centered towards 18-30 age group which is a great news. They also constitute one of the largest fan-bases in India who stay awake late and watch UCL,La-Liga or the EPL.
West-block A has evolved from just being a stand in Kanteerava stadium to a platform which connects football community of Bangalore, helping them develop and expand further. The initiatives taken up by them like making elaborate posters,chants, making a player feel better are commendable and praise-worthy. They are the cause of strangers hugging one another after a goal is scored or a little girl screaming her lungs out accompanied by her grandpa who has BFC colors painted on his cheeks.It is literally a fortress and they aim to reach the passion levels of Ultras of Spain or Italy.

Worldwide support for Bengaluru FC

Worldwide support for Bengaluru FC


coming to the facilities, Kanteerava stadium located in the heart of Bangalore has one of the best turfs of India, the climate here could even tempt 80 year old to have a kick about, and all the pre-requisites for the grassroots programme and other logistic needs like 5-star accommodation are already well-established. OK, the local KSFA is a cacophony of inefficiency,mismanagement and general disregard, but together we can overcome and ameliorate these issues.
Bringing the well polished  product like ISL to Bangalore will further bring the community together and allow the impressionable kids to associate with and idolize some of the world-class footballers.
Thus ISL would get a loyal fan base,houseful crowds for every match and the social media connect with the fans worth its weight in gold.

I’ll leave you with a video of the scenes from Kanteerava during a typical football match(mind you,this was even after India lost 3-0 to Iran) and let you make the decision. Make sure you watch this with your headphones on for goosebumps.


You are driving down a road,traffic stops you next to a ground.You spot Ozil,Ronaldo and Messi battling for the ball. Rooney suddenly shouts “Bhai on you,on you,  Pullback”, but alas,the ball goes out of play.
Smirking slightly at the irony you wonder “Wouldn’t it be nice,if we have our own league and children emulated Balwant singh,Sunil chetri etc”.



Enter ISL,the phenomenon which took us on a vertigo last season,leaving us wanting more and more of it.It was founded in the year october 2013.Based on popular franchise system wherein no team can be relegated,it rapidly climbed to the status of premier football league in India.Heavily sponsored by IMG-Reliance association(700 crore) and ably supported by biggest celebrities in India like Sachin tendulkar,Ambani etc it took money out of equation by providing world-class facilities right from the grass roots level.



What is incredible to note here is that ,it was rated as the fourth best league in the world and the best in Asia considering average attendance in stadia(24,357 per match) and remember this was just the first baby step!

On the ground it has been equally engaging and entertaining with an average of 2.11 goals per match which compares favourably with giants such as EPL(2.79 goals per match) and LaLiga(2.71 goals per match).




With marquee players such as Pires,Materazzi,Luis Garcia,Elano,Del Pierro,Ljunberg,John Capdevilla breaking bread with Indian players we can safely say that sleeping football giant in India is slowly being awaken.

ISL also gave rise to three important developments
1- As it was well packaged product it started making waves in social media platforms such as Twitter,Facebook and Youtube thus cutting across strata of society.
2-It gave families an opportunity to sit together and shout their lungs out not for Arsenal  or Barcelona but our own chennaiyn FC and fatafati Athletico de Kolkata.
3-Football connoisseurs could finally get up from their comforts of sofa and watch their favourite stars live in the stadium which otherwise would have been difficult.

Naysayers will always be there,but they don’t have much to harp about as indian players such as Balwant singh(Chennaiyn Fc),Cavin lobo(Athletico de Kolkata),Jewel Raja(Goa Fc),Rehenesh TP(NE united) gave stellar performances and won Man of the Match awards.Sandesh Jhingan won emerging player of the season and most importantly Rafique scored the winner in finals showing Indian players can handle pressure at crucial junctures.



Looking forward,great thing about Hero ISL is that intensity has not dropped.Players such as Helder postiga,Roberto Carlos,Lucio,Adrian Mutu, Malouda will grace the center stage this season.India is already abuzz with intrigue about what this season has to offer.
So,take out your trumpets,wear your jerseys ,fasten your shoelaces and